Civil War joke

Civil War jokes seem to be few and far between but I found one with which to test the Google joke meter. Here it is:
A soldier had lost his bayonet and whittled one from wood so he could stand inspection. He was hoping not to be discovered until the regiment had gone into battle where he could pick up one from a dead soldier. At an inspection, an officer asked to see his bayonet. The soldier stated " Sir, I promised my father I would never unsheathe my bayonet unless I intended to kill with it." The Officer insisted he hand over the bayonet. Taking it out, the Soldier looked skyward and declared " May the Lord change this bayonet to wood for breaking my vow."

Google laughs!!!

The joke's funniness percentage is: 50.7732%

The joke's popularity is: 2.589
(where 7=super popular, 1=not popular)