It's raining new ACW blogs

Without making a systematic survey, I notice the following ACW-related blogs have sprouted:

The Battle of Franklin - This tends to be informational rather than analytical. The author is anonymous.

The Adjutant's Blog - Tony Zusman takes re-enacting online. I notice burnout is a recurrent theme here.

Southern Heritage News and Views - "In Defense of Southern Heritage & Faith!" The blogger is anonymous.

Not In Memoriam, But In Defense - Student "Sarah" explores "how is the radicalization and organizational shift that is occurring in the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) altering the physical landscape of Richmond, Virginia."

The Tredegar Iron Works - This is Brett Schulte's new ACW gaming blog. This seems to be a supplement or "back office" to this site.

Battlefield Biker - By "bb." "Situated at the intersection of Motorcycle Touring and Military History and their relationships to Current Events." This is a topically segmented blog and the link given takes you to the ACW blog content.