A bridge too far for Stonewall (2/3)

Jackson can always turn up a winner with a little writerly help:

Robert G. Tanner, Stonewall in the Valley:
"Yet Jackson was not entirely dissatisfied with his progress to date [1/5/62]. Communications between the Alleghenies and the Potomac were severed..."

Russel Beatie, Army of the Potomac Vol. 2:
"Murray then brought Ashby to Lander in the telegraph office [at Hancock, 1/5/62]. Concerned that Ashby might understand telegraphic signals, Lander moved the group to another room..." "Lander telegraphed for reinforcements [on 1/5/62] ..." "He pressed Banks [in the neighboring department by telegraph] to ask McClellan for permission to cross and engage [Jackson] ..."

"... and the Federals were probably misled as to the true Southern objective [Romney]."

"McClellan, Banks, and Lander all knew that Jackson did not mean to retreat. He intended to withdraw, turn west, cross the mountains, recapture Romney..." [Cites McC telegram alerting
Romney commander on 1/7/62.]

Hmmm. Communications not cut - not out of Hancock nor Romney. Federals not misled either. Thanks again, Russel Beatie.