Team of Rivals has morphed...

... into "Lincoln," a film starring Liam Neeson and Marcia Gay Harden as Mary Lincoln.

Harden (photo, right) is not yet confirmed - maybe because she doesn't look the part. It will be hard enough to take Neeson scene after scene; together Harden and Neeson could drive watchability way down. I get the feeling this is a made-for-TV movie to air on the Lifetime channel.

For a good laugh have a look at the film's message board. The first question in the first section asks if Tom Hanks will play in this. In the last forum, about future films, fans speculate on what a great job director Spielberg could do with a movie version of Smurfs. Oh Hollywood, you kill me.

Meanwhile Neeson says he has read 22 Lincoln books so far and is still reading.