Armies right-sized for their transport networks

Thank you for coming to the annual "Armies right-sized for their transport networks" awards. Drumroll please.

And the nominees for right-sized armies are...

> Scott's Mexico City expedition.

> The British regular army at peak strength in Canada in 1865.

> Beauregard's Army of the Potomac.

> Johnston's Valley army.

> Burnside's NC expedition.

> Richard Taylor's Western Louisiana army.

> Kirby Smith's Department of East Tennessee army.

> [Your choice here.]

Nominated for wrong-sized armies:

> Lee's Army of Northern Virginia.

> Any land-bound edition of the US Army of the Potomac.

> Halleck's combined armies at Corinth.

> Bragg's Army of Mississippi.

> > [Your choice here.]

Mark your ballots.