The Man Who Saved the Union

Hat tip to the reader who alerted me to H.W. Brands stealing the title of a well-known book by Thomas Eckenrode and Bryan Conrad, The Man Who Saved the Union.

Brands appears to be a humming factory of infinite pop history productions, and given what he has done with his title, it would be interesting to give his book a close reading for any "similarities" to previous work. Interesting too to see what Brooks Simpson makes of this.

"Brands calls him [Grant] the last presidential defender of black civil rights for nearly a century." - Library Journal

"His Grant emerges as an immensely appealing figure—though except for a wartime outburst of anti-Semitism, later repented, which the author relates—with a keen mind, stout character, and unpretentious manner." - Publisher's Weekly

Snippets suggest there will be no new ground broken here. What's the point?