Thanks to our foreign visitors

A Croat discussion on von Moltke's reputed Civil War comment about armies chasing each other in the woods (a settled science "fact" for our brilliant Centennial authors) has brought many Croatian visitors to this site. Hey, dobrodošao!
ili nije istina ili je rečeno samo za shermanovo divljanje:
More than half of the readers of this blog (actually) are located abroad with Russia, Ukraine, and Germany leading the numbers. It is possible that my father's poetry drives more than a few Russian and Ukrainian numbers my way.

My paltry UK readership competes with China's in terms of page-views, interestingly enough. On many days, Chinese hits swamp British page views.

I have Dutch visitors aplenty but they only hunt up the general who faints - and that's about it.

If I can influence non-Anglophone criticism of American Civil War nonfiction literature, I will be grateful, honored and humbled.

Meanwhile, welcome, friends.