CWPT is shopping for easements in Alabama

Psst. Hot tip for anybody who wants to make some easy dough.

Right now, Civil War Preservation Trust is looking to buy some easements from people owning property around the Day's Gap battlefield in Alabama. They have means to buy the whole state, cash on the barrelhead, but that's not their way.

So here's what you do: (1) Go down and buy some battlefield land. Anyone will sell you their land if you are willing to pay above market prices (CWPT will never pay developer rates for battlefield land, no matter how many millions they have in the bank). (2) After you become the landowner, negotiate an easement price with CWPT. (3) Resell the land to the public for less than you paid for it (sell at market rates). (4) Pocket the difference.

You are buying high and selling low but CWPT will more than make up the difference. Just make sure the easement price they give you more than covers the spread between your acquisition cost and your sale cost. They are accustomed to paying hundreds of thousands for easements, so you shouldn't have too hard of a time.

Get in on this easy money now, before I start broadcasting my infomercials ... and don't feel bad about taking advantage of this crowd. They appreciate the opportunity to just keep busy - easements equal "job security" and another year of salaries, perks, and travel.