June book releases

This is a running list and a new feature that will appear over the news section. In only a few cases can I find the exact day of the month on which the publisher releases a title, so I will generally be linking a few titles at random each day to keep these entries short. By the end of each month, I'll have run through all books slated for release in that period that I know of. Also at the end of the month I'll specifically list books that have been released but for which I have no information. "FYI" as they say. * The Anti-Slavery Crusade: A Chronicle of the Gathering Storm * Bloody Path to the Shenandoah: Fighting with the Union VI Corps in the American Civil War * Dear Eagle: The Civil War Correspondence of Stephen H. Bogardus, JR. to the Poughkeepsie Daily Eagle * Field Artillery Weapons of the Civil War, Revised Edition * Flags of Civil War Arkansas and Missouri