Dixie Victorious: Chapter 9, Trans-Mississippi miracle

SYNOPSIS | Just for the fun of it, we're going through the scenarios in Stackpole's new offering, Dixie Victorious: An Alternate History of the Civil War (Peter G. Tsouras, ed.). I'll compile my comments on the scenarios and post them Sunday. (Note that the title of this post is a link to the book description on Amazon.)

Chapter 9. "Decision in the West"

The Red River Campaign opens with small Union successes after which Banks is defeated. At Alexandria, after a nightmarish retreat, Banks surrenders his army to Taylor. Porter's naval contingent is destroyed. Smith and Taylor use the freed Rebel forces to dispose of Gen. Steele in Arkansas. After Steele surrenders, Smith moves north enjoying a recruiting bonanza. He invades Missouri. Canby is defeated and Missouri secured for the CSA. Lincoln loses the election and McClellan secures the peace.