Two fresh links

Author Tim Reese writes on what might have been the Regular's moment of destiny at Antietam in a newly posted article. It's enjoyable and thorough.

A new edition of the Bivouac Banner has been posted. Tecumseh has quite a lot to say in this issue:

The torture of the mind in the contemplation of what was to be [civil war], which we could not avoid, was infinitely more painful than of seeing cannon, going over live bodies, and hearing their bones crush like chicken bones under the wheels. I have seen these things. I have slept with a dead man for a pillow. I have seen men buried like sardines in a box. We became used to that. Men who today turn pale if their child is lanced, to be bled, were utterly unfeeling in the midst of carnage and blood. You can easily be trained to the same end, but escape if you can the tortures of the mind, the agony in thinking that the country you love, the country you adore, is about to commit the awful crime of civil war.