Ronald Reagan, Confederate re-enactor

Maybe we'll meet in line at the Capitol on Thursday afternoon. Meanwhile, enjoy these Civil War images of Ronald Reagan:

This Fawcett comic book cover scales if you resize it.

Scroll down on this page to get a Confederate officer with a stogie. Great pic.

The is the biggest version of the movie poster I found; Reagan has drawn his sword and is about to throw a punch. Copy the image to a Word document, and you'll be able to resize it.

Here's Reagan at the head of his Arizona guerilla band. He's opened that Rebel insousiance to full throttle. Note the alternate title for the movie.

The Last Outpost was a big box-office success for Paramount. It was Ronald Reagan's first starring role in a Western, and one where he rode his own ranch horse Tarbaby against the advice of the film's horse experts... Dig it.

See you at the Rotunda.