Civil War Adventure Camp

I understand that re-enactment is driving at something experiential, the deeper the better. But why does anyone need a drive-through re-enactment "experience"? One that lasts from 3:00 pm until 10:00 am, uniform provided?

... Civil War Adventure Camp at Pamplin Historical Park will give visitors a unique feel for the conflict. It will do that by having them live it as a soldier for a day, in an encampment where the mattresses are lumpy, the evening stew is served from an iron kettle and the fire in the stove may be cold, come morning.

As an ex-infantryman, I don't go camping; I don't understand camping on any level, except that it has to be voluntary to be enjoyed. Pamplin doesn't expect many volunteers. The victims of this "living history" camping adventure will be draftees - "The park, which hasn't publicly announced the new attraction, expects that schools and Scout troops will make up a large part of the Adventure Camp participants." Shame on A. Wilson Greene.

Also in the works for the park: a new, edgy movie that will try to accurately portray the savagery of war...

Read about the whole, misguided project.