Damn those grad students!

A Harvard Law School (HLS) professor admitted that six paragraphs in his newest book came almost verbatim from another professor’s work, in a mistake he attributes to two assistants.

ACW authors, on the other hand, tend to write their own stuff. More from Harvard Law School:

Bok told the Boston Globe last Thursday that the use of Balkin’s material appeared to be an accident, partially caused by publisher W.W. Norton’s insistence on a “very tight deadline.”

Grad students and publishers' deadlines, my, my. Which reminds me: about 25 years ago, an American friend was interviewing for a graduate program in War Studies at a school in London.

Friend: Are your professors going to use my research to further their own reputations?
Administrator: This is not the States, sir. We do our own research here.

Here's the story.