Gettysburg boycott threat remains

Despite Gettysburg College's modification of its Confederate flag "lynching" show into a static display and the failure of its key performance artist to show up to perform the "lynching," some Sons of Confederate Veterans are still talking town boycott.

Jennings said his chapter of the Sons of Confederate Veterans would be boycotting Gettysburg in protest. "I haven't even dropped a Lincoln penny on the ground since I've been here, and don't plan to," Jennings said.

Meanwhile, harken to the children:

Many of those standing in line to see the exhibit were college students, including Stephanie Davies, 20, of Wilton, Conn., a junior psychology major. "It's kind of weird to have something like this happen on our campus," Davies said. "A lot of people don't really understand the point of it."

Does that speak well of her college?