Franklin Battlefield: Pizza Hut defenders deploy

The fix is in, but forces futiley opposing the creation of Franklin Battlefield are still sounding off:

... my son Frank works at the Pizza Hut on Columbia Avenue. He has been delivering pizza for them while working his way through college. Thank you goes out to the Pizza Hut for providing work for him, as well. Oh no, don’t tell me the mayor wants to tear it down!

(The threat, so far has been to the golf course, but defenders of the country club have pointed to the injustice of allowing Pizza Hut - on real battlefield land - to stand.)

The comments section for letters on this newspaper's site is finally active after two quiet weeks:

When will the Mayor and Board of Aldermen begin to listen to the citizens?

And this:

[Preservationists] all are toasting "fine wines and libations", and eating salmon puffs [at fund raisers].