Franklin battlefield dispute simmers on

The letters to the editor keep coming the in Franklin battlefield dispute.

Tactically, the preservationists are in a bad spot; they are acting opportunistically and their opponents have zeroed in on that.

The Franklin country club that became available for purchase triggered a scramble for preservation funding; as there is no master plan for assembling the pieces of the battlefield, the preservationists are depicted as hypocrites who would discomfit their neighbors by repurposing land tangential to the actual field while allowing commercial development on the battlefield proper.

This new letter improvises a new riff on that melody:

I have heard a rumor that someone is trying to get a zoning change for the empty actual battlefield land next to Moody's Tire. What will be built on this land? Is anyone foolish enough to think a zoning change has been requested to build a battlefield? Save the real battlefield land.