Some corrections

* I mentioned that Allan Nevins' ACW work was out of print. I should have specified that this comment does not include work edited by Nevins, such as Diary of Battle. A number of his forewords and introductions live on, as well.

* When I said that Mosier's the Blitzkrieg Myth had no jacket blurbs, I was referring to the original hardback edition. The paperback has these:

Mosier's reassessment of the war and how it was won marshals some strong evidence and is solidly argued. And it will no doubt have historians up in arms for years. - Washington Post Book World

This provocative book tosses military history hand grenades on almost every page, challenging just about every generally held notion about WWII. - Forbes

Mosier makes many excellent points almost unknown in popular historical writing and all too seldom noted even in scholarly and technical studies. - Washington Times

Those are some damn fine blurbs. I'd by two copies of any ACW title with recommendations like those.