Guelzo on Booth: a return to Natural Rights?

Lincoln Scholar Allen Guelzo reviews American Brutus and comes to this incredibly Jaffa-esque conclusion:

For Booth's ultimate target was democracy itself, just as it had been the ultimate target of Calhoun and Hammond and Fitzhugh and all the other apostles of power who concluded that power rather than liberty was the only reality in this world.

Philosophies of history are important (and fun) but not always good history.

Harry Jaffa was Guelzo's teacher but in his recent Lincoln book, Guelzo seemed to be mainstreaming himself, doing that pop history thing of thoughtfully presenting the most blindingly obvious ideas and analysis.

Well, have at this review. Unfortunately, the paragraph above is all the philosophy of history we get here, but there is some assasination historiography in the piece. And when have you last read a review with footnotes?