Independent publishers this spring

Pioneer Publishing has made itself known to me today and seems to carry a lot of Civil War material geared for Southern genealogists; have a look. Pioneer - not a subsidy house - is looking for authors, by the way.

I note also that Savas Beatie is releasing two ACW titles in May, both artillery-related. The status of their March title, Capital Navy, seems ambiguous.

Thomas Publications, on the other hand, seems to be heading down the path of vintage battlefield photography this season offering Gettysburg and Antietam images.

The Morningside Press is going strong, although it is difficult to confirm which are spring publication dates on these 11 new and reissued titles (see left column here).

Mercer University is offering a couple of titles, a bio of W.H.T. Walker and another about "Confederate Soldier-Christians."

Rutledge Hill Press is offering just one item this spring, The Commanders of Chancellorsville by Longacre. "As equally matched in skill as they were opposite in personality..." We're talking Hooker and Lee, by the way. Longacre has drunk too much from the cup of Sears, it seems.

Stackpole seems to have scaled back its ACW efforts. Dittos for Da Capo. Meanwhile the Texas A&M University Press keeps up its end with a number of Vandiver reprints.

I'll collect my impressions of this ACW season generally and post it soon.