Lincoln Museum poll

The popular political blog, Daily Kos, ran a poll asking its readers "Would you visit the new Lincoln Museum?" The min-sample responded Yes by 13 to 4.

Some of the comments, appearing on the same page, are intriguing:

* The whole purpose of visting a history museum is to get an idea of how people of that era experienced events, not to create some sort of mock reality event that is dumbed down for contemporary sensibilities.

* ... is the audience lazy for enjoying this? I think it's a way of adding a perspective, specifically a popular modern perspective... but it is tacky.

* ... heaven forbid this museum should actually teach people anything they didn't already know.

* Historians need to teach an appreciation for the separateness and distinctiveness of the past. These museum designers seem to have surrendered to the idea that the only way the past can be interesting is to make it seem like the present.