Re-enacting: great way to meet sweaty guys

Groovyvic no longer re-enacts but remembers "yes, those guys do get hot in the wool uniforms. Stinky hot."

She recalls an encounter with Brian Pohanka:
I have to say that when I met him I was looking quite fetching, with my hoop skirt and pretty hat, and my favorite day dress. But this was an event for the dedication of the Strong Vincent statue, so I was prettied up. (Yes, Strong Vincent, of Little Round Top fame, I don't care what others tout about the damn 20th Maine!)
She also met her husband re-enacting:

We even got engaged in Gettysburg, as "regular people" not as reenactors. But that's where he put the ring on my finger. Yep, right in front of the cemetery. Things that make you go hmmmmm...
They've given it up for children. "I think my husband and I are burnt out on the Civil War right now. It's not the priority it used to be!"

Reading is a less taxing way to partake of the ACW than spending weekends meandering through brambles in hot clothing. Less risk of burnout. At the same time, one retains the option of reading while stumbling through the brambles in hot clothing, should the urge strike.

Reading is lot less social, though.

The ultimate (re-enactment) gambit for meeting prosperous female singles would be to start an ACW cavalry school at one of the better local riding academies.

A free piece of advice for any single male re-enactors amongst you.