Civil War blogs, new and old

News from the blogosphere:

- Erin Carlson Mast, Matt Ringelstetter, and Jesse Nasta have started a group blog called President Lincoln's Cottage. Interesting to know that the Soldier's Home where Lincoln spent summers was a Jeff Davis legacy.

- Scott Mingus has started a Civil War blog to focus on York, PA, and environs: Cannonball.

- Dixie Dawn posts on the ACW and Southern heritage at Long Live Dixie.

- This spunky 18-year-old has started Battle Cry of Freedom. He's an Iron Brigade fan.

- Author Dale Cox's Civil War Florida covers the waterfront with some rich posts.

The following blogs expired before I discovered them:

- Minuend's Gettysburg Ride.
- Confessions of a New England Confederate.

Shown top: Leonidas Polk's flag, borrowed from Dixie Dawn's blog.