Off the inactive list

My Civil War Notes is back and will focus "on the Civil War along the Gulf Coast—from the southern tip of Texas all the way to the Keys and Dry Tortugas—including all of Florida."

Meanwhile, Paul Taylor has launched a bibliophilic ACW blog dedicated to first editions and antiquaria.

Belated hat tip to Duane Siskey who is blogging up a storm about his new life at Gettysburg. Duane was travelling with J.D and Eric when I met them at Antietam recently. He's a quiet one. Saves his all for the blog, perhaps.

Speaking of Eric, this is an excellent rant. Let me put a cherry on that sundae: would you believe the dean of the Columbia School of Journalism writes only history books?

Hey trustees: ask yourselves if Nicholas Lemann isn't making a statement about being trapped in a lousy career. You can fix that...

p.s Follow-up on the Brooklyn redevelopment of Underground Railroad sites: here's a mini-roundup.