Frederick W. Lander, where have you been?

If we know General Lander at all it tends to be as a corpse, lying in his casket, viewed by McClellan who remarks (in that famous anecdote from March, 1862), I wish it were me in his place.

A couple of 2004 titles have breathed life into Lander, Beatie's McClellan Takes Command and Lesser's Rebels at the Gates.

Join me now for some Lander moments.

From Rebels at the Gates:
Lander leaped upon a large rock. Muskets were handed up and he fired them at the Rebel artillerists. "Bang away, you scoundrels," roared Lander, "We'll come down there and lick you like the devil directly."

Direct quotes, from McClellan Takes Command:
"God damn it, there they set. Three generals on their horses, and not a one of them doing a God damned thing." [On beholding Banks, Abercrombie, and Gorman in battle.]
"Colonel Ashby, give my compliments to General Jackson and tell him to bombard and be damned." [On being asked to surrender Hancock, Maryland.]
"The next time I undertake to move an army and God Almighty sends such a rain, I will go around and cross hell on the ice." [During his pursuit of Jackson.]
"Why in hell and damnation don't you charge?" [Yelled at Union cavalry in sight of Jackson's trains.]
"Men, if your colonel is a coward, follow your general!" [Shouted to balky Union pursuers of Jackson's fleeing rearguard.]

That felt pretty good. I think I'll go shout at someone myself.