They hear but do not heed

Hey! The Civil War News understands Tim Reese's High-Water Mark:

Traditionally, Crampton’s Gap had been viewed as a minor engagement leading up to the major battle, Antietam. Author Reese revises this viewpoint in the way that Copernicus overthrew Ptolemy’s perception of the universe. In the past, Antietam was the sun and the minor planet, Crampton’s Gap, revolved around it. Reese’s revisionist idea is that Crampton’s Gap is the sun and that Antietam is a satellite (although admittedly a large one) that revolves around the central star.

Pleasant surprise. But what's with the phlegmatic stance towards the core idea?

If High-Water Mark: The 1862 Maryland Campaign in Strategic Perspective seems slight or diffuse to you, dear reviewer, repair immediately to Reese's immense Sealed With Their Lives, The Battle for Crampton's Gap, Burkittsville, Maryland, September 14, 1862.

Lazy reviewers are a given, but a lazy reviewer with insight is a shame.