A model preservation group?

The Newtonia Battlefields Protection Association looks like a safe and sane group, if this article is reliable:

* Acquiring battlefield land through direct, unencumbered ownership (no easement nonsense, no federal or state money, no partnership with farmland or nature conservancies who have their own agendas).
* Incrementing land purchases opportunistically (adding mansions, cemeteries and incidental land to core battlefield holdings).
* Funding rehabilitation work out of operational budgets (scaling the work to match the budget).
* Using member labor to perform needed work (building teamwork and friendships).
* Focus, focus, focus.

"Who knows where we will be in five to 10 years? We never know. The way things are going, this thing might come along quicker than that. A grant or another donation could come along and speed the process up."

You'll be doing fine, I think.

(Shame about the website, though.)