Garfield: one of ACW's greatest generals?

Assuming this reporter heard his ears correctly, he got quite a history lesson:

Clinton paused in front of a marble statue of James Garfield, launching into a lecture about the 19th century president's life. Garfield was one of the greatest Civil War generals, Clinton said, adding that it was a "great tragedy" that his presidency was cut short. Garfield was gunned down a little more than a year after he took office and died about two months later.
I remember Garfield as being Stanton's plant on Rosecrans's staff and his job being to snitch on Rosie until enough "book" was built to fire that general. As for other greatness, Garfield's only independent battle deployed six regiments at Jenny's Creek, Kentucky. A famous victory?

He was gunned down in July 1881, within a year of his election, after taking office in March (not "a little more than a year after he took office").

If this "lecture" is accurately presented, at least the name Garfield was correct.

Close enough for pop history.