Civil War prints and their critics

"Jonah Begone" has it in for "Civil War Art" as you can see on his page, "But is it art?" His core idea, that these commercial prints are illustrations, actually matches the early careers of the form's leading practitioners.

Don't miss a visit to his robot, Rembrandt(tm) ("the Purchase Decision-Making Tool for Collecting Limited Edition Historical Art Prints").

A Guide to Historic Art Print Descriptive Writing, linked from his site, is also scathing:
The blurb­writer uses the brochure to evoke a notion that in exchange for a monetary pittance, usually $125 on up, the buyer is getting a frozen dramatic moment in time (FDMIT) that can be relived over and over by simply staring at the HAP ("historical art print"). The buyer can later sell his HAP/FDMIT at a profit...
And in that, ACW print collectors share the same aspirations as the big art collectors.