Feds create a plaque for a Rebel

The Federal government executes its public business from day to day with a certain amount of friction and delay.

It is therefore quite a spectacle to see the Department of Veteran Affairs (had any experience with them, dear reader?) commission a plaque no one asked for, pay for it with money gotten from who-knows-where, and then request a Liverpool's permission to site it in their [foreign] cemetery!

The US government has asked for a plaque to be placed at the cemetery, next to the Anglican cathedral, to honour Confederate seaman George Horwood who is buried at St James's.
The matter of our national government honoring its enemies is an interesting issue. But setting that aside, has all the work been done at home such that this is the next logical step for the DVA?

The plaque seems to make this some kind of stop on a Civil War trail concocted by Civil War Preservation Trust. Hmmmm.

Read it here.