Too much ACW schooling in Britain

Simon Thurly, chief executive of the group English Heritage, is disappointed with how little children in northeast England know about their own history. "The reason is that history in schools has concentrated exclusively on Hitler and Stalin and a bit of the American Civil War."

"Anna Fordham, 12, of Ryton, says: 'We've done a lot of American history and things like the Great Plague.'" Wonder if we can have some English pedagogues show us how to teach the ACW in American schools?

Thurly says, "... people do not have the basic information they need to enjoy their visit to heritage sites." We've noticed that too, and it has zero impact on site visits. You need to multipurpose. For instance:
And when we asked our [English] students whether they would prefer to go a historical site in the region or the theme park, three out of seven said they'd rather go for a ride on the teacups."
Three out of seven! That's low. Well, never mind that, though, just combine your amusement parks with your heritage sites and everyone is taken care of. We can help you with that (we have experts) if you'll just help us teach a little American history.