Blog roundup

Anthony, over at Irregular Analyses is losing it because some character has strung together an article out of the most banal Iraq War observations possible and everyone is falling down over the brilliance of it. Oh Anthony, if you only knew our Civil War historians ...

Andrew Wagenhoffer has put together a bookmark worthy collection of Western Virginia war links (here and here) and is now beginning a Red River publishing roundup.

Brett Schulte has been working through chapter and verse of Secessionville: Assault on Charleston.

Randy encounters memories of Whitman (and of Union) on a tour at Fredericksburg.

Author Tom Desjardin, associated with Gettysburg study and a former honcho at the Thomas publishing concern, will appear on Civil War Talk Radio this week.

And here is a little something to gladden the heart of edutainers. It's our ACW quote of the week: "During the Civil War... the CSA was another country! (I know this because I've been to Six Flag over Texas many times...)."