Speaking of the Atlantic....

From the same issue, by the visiting Berhard-Henri Levy ("In the Footsteps of Tocqueville"):
And it's here [in Savannah] I came to realize that the memory of their wars posess for the men and women of the American South - not so much the world wars but the other wars. Wars that we Europeans barely think about, but that Southerners, in one way or another, in shame or glory, bitterness or exaltation, never seem to tire of commemorating.

The Indian wars, obviously. The Civil War, which they call the War of Secession, and which I begin to realize, remains an open wound in the side of this refined Savannah, infused with aristocratic values, where one is convinced, this very aristocracy, this art of living and this taste for art in life, even moreso than slavery itself, inspired Northern resentment.