Friday blog roundup

Drew Wagenhoffer wonders - as do I - how two specific studies of the same subject (the Fort Pillow massacre) can be released at the same time by two publishers.

Mike notices that Civil War Preservation Trust has now enrolled over 70,000 members. I think that's a boost from the National Geographic spread. And I think that partnership has gone awfully quiet.

Brett Schulte has been reading up on and wargaming coastal operations. (I'll play only if I can be Tim Sherman - pictured right).

Randy answers his daughter's question as to who that Gettysburg statue is for ("Strong Vincent!").

Mark Grimsley discovers, while appearing on a Grant special, that one's contribution has been foreordained, regardless of how spontaneous one thinks one's answers. He notes:

The people who make these documentaries are so ingenious in other ways that I am sure they could find ways to integrate fresh viewpoints if they wished. In my (admittedly limited) experience, they don’t wish. And the result is often just a contemporary re-packaging of an already familiar story.