Politicians and authors

I stumbled across quite an odd site, one that let's you know whom your fave pop historian (or other celeb) has been contributing to.

Doris Kearns Goodwin gives her money to Teddy Kennedy - as if his campaigns have ever needed her $200.

David McCullough, also of Massachusetts, seems to have been interested only in the presidential campaign of Phil Gramm.

Russel Beatie once tried to help Bob Dole.

William S. McFeely seems to be a big fan of MoveOn.org. A big fan.

Gary Gallagher pays out to the Wyeth Good Government Fund, which seems embroiled in scandal.

David H. Donald showered thousands on Dean and Kerry during the last election.

McPherson, Sears, the late Shelby Foote, and the Sharaas keep their coins at home, as do Civil War authors Gingrich and Winik, both recently connected with government careers.

(Apologies for this brief spell of political psychosis.)