Doctorow marches to acclaim

We all thrilled to the news of pop novelist E.L. Doctorow becoming a Civil War novelist with the issue of his new book The March. The reviews are now rolling in, hurrah, hurrah:

USA Today: "In his brilliant new novel, The March, E.L. Doctorow reworks the Mitchell myth."

Time: "The March is a more straightforward book than Ragtime."

Christian Science Monitor: "...although I do not pretend to be a Civil War scholar - the errors I noticed were really minor, and didn't distract from the narrative."

LA Times: "... filled with scenes that seem to have jumped out of a Mathew Brady photo album yet have the richness of finely wrought literature. Still, it's this pictorial quality, the cinematic nature of the work, that seems to stand out."

Interview: "I don't think I write historical novels," Doctorow says. "The March is a reality novel."

Pop literature, written for pop press reviewers - it's a recipe for success!

(Absence duly noted: the Civil War reader or writer as reviewer.)