Fiasco, baby! Let me tell you!

The U.S. Navy “suffered embarrassment over the fiasco of the Casco class of shallow-draft monitors.” - James McPherson, War on the Waters, 2012

The light draft monitors fiasco...” - Angus Konstam, Union Monitor 1861-65, 2002

“...20 light draft monitors of the Casco Class. Total cost in public funds for this fiasco...Battle Cry, newsletter of the Sacramento CWRT, 2006

Casco Class: This class of light-draft monitors... proved disastrous and the entire class was an expensive fiasco for the Union.” - Union Coastal Ironclads page of the Ironclads and Blockade Runners of the American Civil War website (seems to date from the late 1990s)

US Civil war, Shallow draft monitor fiasco” - Topic, Naval Weapons Discussion Board, 2006

What a fiasco with the entire Casco class...” Discussant on ageod game forum, 2007

To some, a good cliche is like a fine, vintage wine.

A really good cliche will also rhyme for the added value of mnemonics.