The Morningside Bookshop is, like the Butternut and Blue bookshop, a 19th Century holdover in that it actually publishes books, usually by the old fashioned means of subscription. It has been Mary and Bob Younger's labor of love for decades and its books, both important reprints and originals, tend not to get wide distribution or notice. Morningside is one of those good things in life that that a select few know about and enjoy.

I am just now quite inspired by the completion of a major Morninside project that could benfit hundreds of Civil War authors. This is the publication of a newly revised edition of the MILITARY BIBLIOGRAPHY OF THE CIVIL WAR VOL. IV taking the comprehensive book listings up through the 2001 publication seasons. With 9,704 individual book and pamphlet citations, it not only provides a writer with a "due diligence" aid, it alllows any reader, thumbing through any Civil War history's bibliography, to check that author's own due diligence. Have a look. One of many good things from Morningside.