Civil War numerology (shhh...)

This is but a small part of the strange and terrible story of the number 200,000 during the Civil War.

I must ask for complete silence. The medium is channeling ...

*On 10/21/61 AG Lorenzo Thomas notes to Sec War Cameron that Sherman wants 200,000 men to defend Kentucky.

* On 11/22/61 Buell writes to McClellan that "Sherman still insists that I require 200,000 men. I am quite content to try with a good many less..."

* On 3/25/62 Rebel general Floyd notes that Ft. Donelson was overcome by a force "amounting, in the aggregate, to 200,000 men..."

* On 3/26/62 a W. Stoddert reports to Joe Johnston that McClellan's reserves "along the railroad at Alexandria" number 200,000.

* On 4/5/62, Grant tells Halleck that rebels at Corinth number 80,000 and rebel forces west of Corinth number 200,000.

* On 4/24/62 DH Hill reports to CSA Sec War Randolph that McClellan has 200,000 men "most of whom are confident of victory."

* On 5/26/62 McClernand tells Grant that an escaped surgeon gives the rebel strength at Corinth as 200,000.

* On 6/10/62, Banks tells Stanton that a northern deserter from the rebel army puts CSA forces near Richmond at 200,000.

* On 9/5/62 Mansfield tells Halleck that Jackson is leading an army of 200,000 north.

* On 9/10/62, Pennsy Gov. Curtin warns McClellan that the rebels have put more than 200,000 men in Maryland.

... and that, my friends, does not even complete the numerology of 200,000 for 1861/1862 much less the entire war.

Seance over. You can awaken the sleeping historians now.