Weekend reading

Author Michael Aubrecht reviews Edward Ayers' What Caused the Civil War. He seems to be saying, in a long piece, that he doesn't know much about what Ayers is going on about (historiography) but the book is an enjoyable read.

William Styple has a nice write-up in the Star Ledger and notices that the author of Team of Rivals seems not to have done her own research (again).

Which brings us to this historical observation by Ron Maxwell made about Antietam: "It is the first battle in the Civil War where the South does not beat the North outright."

Is he remembering something he read long ago in the Golden Book Treasury of Children's Civil War Lessons, the original uncorrected edition?

Maxwell is in the news glad to be narrating a "documentary" of the first battle in which the Union was not whipped.

The DVD will not feel like a history lesson, Maxwell says. He believes that, even if people don't always realize it, [it] works on a deep emotional level.

I notice "deep" coupled with "emotional level" and have my second Maxwell laugh of the morning.

[Update, 2/8/06 - It appears this "first battle" quote is not Maxwell's.]