Internet citations

A reader asked how to correctly cite Internet sources such as blogs.

Found this nice Web page that lists different citational style options.

Here's the Chicago Style that book publishers prefer:
1. Joseph Pellegrino, "Homepage," 12 May 1999, <http://www.english.eku.edu/pellegrino/default.htm> (12 June 1999).

They break it down this way:
Author's name
Title of document, in quotation marks
Title of complete work (if relevant), in italics or underlined
Date of publication or last revision
URL, in angle brackets
Date of access, in parentheses

That covers the bases, I think.

Unfortunately, web sites being as emphemeral as they are, you could be left holding onto a citation as worthless as "McClellan's letters to his wife" after a few years.

One key reason to use Blogger is that being a free service, the site will survive my death or disinterest for some time. Additionally, it is indexed and, I hope saved to a Google backup somewhere that can be retrieved in the future if needed.