If I had been reading my fellow bloggers more often, I would not have duplicated Brett Schulte's 1:31 pm post at 5:06 pm on May 17. Drew Wagenhoffer noticed our parallel efforts and put some perspective on the Beatie project.

I would have noticed a new ACW blog, with a re-enactment focus.

And another that asks why there are no great ACW films.

I would have pondered, once again, why people who fall into the Mississippi cannot swim to the river bank. (Reading between David Woodbury's lines, I suppose broken health might be a reason.)

I would have caught Mike Koepke's post that Generals in Blue and Gray are now in paperback (and I would have issued some warnings about the failures of those books as references).

I would have seen Andy MacIssac's coverage of Maine's crackdown on bloggers and I would noticed Eric Wittenberg's response.

I would have laughed at the news from Brian Dirck that President William J. Clinton may join the ranks of Lincoln scholars.

I would have learned that Kevin Levin moved his blog.

I would have figured out that I have so far failed to link to Sean Dail's worthwhile and interesting blog: post more, my friend.

I would likewise have encouraged Brian Downey's fascinating explorations of digital history as a discipline, a topic close to my heart.

I could have counseled Michael Aubrecht: patience, humility, meekness. (Look who's talking, eh?)

I would have a sense, from Andy Etman, of the enormous amount of ACW programming on TV.

I would have noticed, via Mark Grimsley by way of Kevin Levin, that Mark is on a contingency bender - I hope he runs with this and makes a book of it.

I would have reminisced, reading this from Randy, about all those East European WWII stories told around the dinner table in my family.

And I wonder if Mitch H is writing poetry or quoting it. You owe us some ACW posting, mister.