Sesquicentennial mysteries

Kevin Levin has started "Blogging the Sesquicentennial".  It contains a grand total of one post mentioning the cypher at the head of this activity.
To repeat: the Sesquicentennial is an activity run by Rick Beard. In a blog covering the Sesquicentennial, he garners a one-time mention.
Kevin looks at a panel called "Planning for the Civil War Sesquicentennial" and tries to figure out if the panel members are "all involved in the project in some capacity." Another puzzle. He adds "There is no website for the project. My guess is that this session will begin the discussion of how to go about organizing events and other related projects."
And when you go to the website for Beard's day job, you see no mention of him in the last 27 days. No vision statement, no meet and greet, no nothing.
How ghostly. Booo!