Maryland secedes from Dixie

Thanks to the AP, this story is everywhere.

One of my pals, a native Oregonian, returned to the O-club at Ft. Benning from Aberdeen Proving Grounds with a shiner. He got it in a Maryland bar. This must have been the summer of '76.

Him: "Those people are rednecks."

Me: "Who, Marylanders?"

Him: "I couldn't believe it! I thought I was in the Northeast!"

Me: "Whadja do?"

Him: "I had a few and there was this guy with a Confederate flag patch and I said something."

Me: "Not even a girl involved?"

Him: "Just rednecks and me."

Here's the modern blogging equivalent of that idiotic conversation.

Here's a sourge of the past.

And you might not know that "Dirt Farming is currently the state's primary employment opportunity."

Just kidding! Amends to follow.

Note: My part, BTW, was spoken in the common accent of Baltimore-Phillly-Frederick-Lancaster-AC-Trenton- the very accent of the "rednecks" in question. I am a Marylander in speech at least.