What are the chances that sixth grade moviemakers can create films "that will be used as learning tools for anyone who visits historic [ACW] sites"?

This project is a $400,000 extravaganza designed to amuse the teachers more than the students (note the quotes in the story - everyone talking about the excitement of the students, except the students).

The great thing about using sixth graders is that - historiographically - they don't talk back. Whatever you tell them happened, it happened.
The movies will be used at the battlefield [centers] and be streamed through other outlets.
It's a "science is settled" version of history and definitely a culmination of every evil trend since the Centennial.

Come here child. Take this camera and document the insights of a Pulitzer winner. That's a good little scholar.

Perhaps, through countless experiments like these, we may eventually come up with some Sesquicentennial offering the student of history might be interested in.