Sesquicentennial beers

The full story is here with a derivative report here.

I drank a glass of Antietam Ale with my oysters last week.It was way too hoppy - left me thinking the brewers did not understand the bitter style of ales. On the other hand, they could be following demand and right now, in the beer world, hopheads are ruining it for absolutely everyone else.

IIRC, Col. Wainwright, in Diary of Battle, remarks that visitors to Burnside's tent/HQ were offered a choice of hard cider, wine, beer, or porter (the darker, fuller bodied beer whose heaviest incarnation is known as "stout porter"). Quite an incentive to coordinate.

Frederick radio, meanwhile, had a news report last weekend from a beer festival, that mentioned the porter style and explained it to the general public as being dark because it is brewed with malt.

Sorry to go all Michael Jackson on you. (Chris Wehner got to this first.)