ALPLM makes changes

When the Illinois kakistocracy inserted a knighted NPR talk show host as head of the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, it looked as though a veneer of independence was attempted.

Now, Eileen Mackevich, OBE, has resigned:
Mackevich wanted the institution to be independent. She's said she resigned because [Gov.] Rauner had a different vision for museum management.
Apparently, the idea is that
The Lincoln library and museum would become a separate state agency, governed by an executive director and advised by an 11-member board.
It would seem a semi-independent director would answer to a larger and therefore more patronage- friendly board. The governor has gotten enough of his own appointees onto the existing board to now make the changes he wants.

And so ends another chapter in this absurd comic opera of an institution. A director with a chief of staff and a library with two librarians.