The dirt on Willard's

Still obsessing about the Civil War's most famous hotel and this recent article helps sort out Willard's lineage issues:

Of course, the hotel there today [14th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue] is not the structure at the site during the Civil War. In a major renovation at the start of the 20th century, the building we see today went up. [...] By the end of World War II, the Willard had fallen on bad times. The Willard family sold the property in 1946. The hotel closed in 1968 and remained vacant for almost two decades. [...] Restored to its [1904] elegance and beauty, it reopened in 1986.

No mention of the block-long bar. Still there? What is this Round Robin bar? It can't be a block long if it's round. Regarding these "Most Bodacious Bow Tie" contests - can I bring anthropologists and just watch?