Preserving Franklin the right way

A tip of the hat to Franklin's Mayor Tom Miller who has laid out a plan for pulling Franklin Battlefield together.

Oddly enough, his plan makes no mention of those easements so beloved of Civil War preservationists - Miller is a throwback who believes, quaintly, in actually owning battlefield land.

Miller has outlined for Franklin’s aldermen a way to create a national battlefield park here including donation of city and privately held properties as well as public-private acquisition of the golf course on Lewisburg Pike.

"The creation of a national battlefield park in Franklin is a possibility, but not without a great deal of time and effort on everyone’s part," Miller said. "The approximately 100 acres of the Country Club of Franklin ... would have to be an integral part of such a plan."

The cost? "... if preservationists and Civil War buffs can raise $2.5 million to help buy land for a battlefield park, then the city board should match that to buy the Country Club of Franklin."

I believe the mayor has issued a challenge. According to its tax filings, Civil War Preservation Trust is sitting on $16 million in assets. It's time to make a difference.

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