No thank you, Harold Holzer

Update: Added NO to the post title. Picked up the book in B&N tonight. It's a complete mess. Content is chronological, editorials are mixed in with reports, bewildering typography, no editing whatsoever. The dross is overwhelming.

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Holzer's unstoppable repackaging instincts led to the issue (in October) of contemporary NYT Civil War coverage in book form under his name.

This is hugely important for the Civil War readers still unaware that every mainstream "scholarly" insight currently in play in the field of ACW history originates in the partisan Republican press of the war. Every one.

If you want a Pulitzer today, regurgitate Republican editorials from that time.

The only question is whether this is the best single source to demonstratethat point. I'll pick one up and let you know. We'll do a tour of stolen memes.